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Water Day Tecnicelpa

Water Day Tecnicelpa

May 22, 2024


After completing 3 intensive training courses in the area of treatment and reuse of effluents for water production, Tecnicelpa believes it is crucial to maintain knowledge updates and promote the sharing of experiences among associates in an area that is essential for the sustainability of the sector.
Therefore, for 2024 Tecnicelpa decided to test a reformulated proposal for a shorter duration action that besides focusing on a core theme, complementary to the subjects discussed in depth during the course, also aims to enhance the sharing of knowledge and challenges through dedicated sessions and visits to facilities, the “Water day – Tecnicelpa 2024”. The model aims to become the regular and annual “meeting point” for our members on the topic “water” in the future.
The background topic selected for the 2024 session is technology and management of sludge from effluent treatment which, despite not being one of the topics covered during the intensive courses held, is one of the factors with the greatest weight in the operating costs of effluent treatment, playing as well an essential role in the proper functioning of the installation.


• Deepen the technical knowledge of our associates on the topic of “water” and particularly in aspects relating to technology and management of effluent treatment sludge;
• Update and promote the sharing of knowledge and experience (“networking”) in this area;
• Promote an anchor event (annual) for the topic, being the sector's regular “meeting point” for this topiC.


  • Reception of participants and start of "Water Day Tecnicelpa" (Luis Arroja - Aveiro University)
    2. Sludge dewatering technology 
    The main dehydration equipment will be analyzed in detail, identifying its main characteristics, applications, strengths and weaknesses through the technological presentation of suppliers and expert evaluation:
    • Dewatering technologies analysis (principles, critical variables, pros/cons) (Märten Krogerus - AFRY)
    • Aquaflow / Veolia sludge dewatering solutions (Mikko Lonka - Aquaflow / Veolia)
    • Andritz sludge dewatering solutions (To be defined - Andritz)
  • Sludge management
    Current and innovative solutions for the management and recovery of sludge from effluent treatment will be analyzed through case studies:
    • Fertilizers (Hartmut Nestler - SIRO)
    • Material and energy recovery of biological sludge in Recovery Boilers (José Miguel Oliveira - CELBI)
    • Sludge termal hydrolysis (To be defined)
  • Sharing and challenges (moderators Märten Krogerus, Luis Machado, Luis Arroja)
    Moment of the session dedicated to sharing experience between associates, trying to identify needs and solutions between participants, suppliers and experts

    5. Technical visit
    DS Smith Viana do Castelo mill, with focus on biomass dryer and effluent treatment plant


    •   Area managers, supervisors, process and environmental engineers related to effluent treatment and water use reduction programs, suppliers of chemicals, equipment and technology in this area
    DS Smith - Viana do castelo
    Estrada 23 de Fevereiro, 372
    4905-261 Deocriste - Viana do Castelo,

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