PITA "Pump Efficiency" Course ONLINE

PITA "Pump Efficiency" Course ONLINE

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October 12, 2021

Energy efficiency of pumping systems is important in that energy efficiency is one of the most important factors in determining pump reliability and maintenance costs. Consequently, energy inefficiency in pump systems increases operating costs due to:

Higher energy use and cost

Increased maintenance costs

Failure (reduced reliability affecting production schedules)

There are many reasons for low energy efficiency of pump systems. Several of these can be identified by simple measurements such as flow, power consumption and total pump head. Other reasons for low efficiency may require a detailed analysis of the pump system to identify specific issues and what steps to take to resolve these issues.

This course is designed to show how to measure pump efficiency so that pump systems are operated at high efficiency following remedial action when the data shows that there is a cost benefit from this action.


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