XXV International symposium, CPA&G 2024

XXV International symposium, CPA&G 2024

All Day
June 10, 2024 June 12, 2024

The symposium is organized by the Center for Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Graphics Industry of Serbia, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade and Wood Processing, Furniture and Paper Industries of the Chamber of Commerce (PKS), under the patronage of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, The Town of Belisce, Republic of Croatia and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

Details of XXV Symposium - CPA&G 2024 can be found HERE.

This symposium will be different from the previous ones because it will last three days, due to the increased interest of the lecturers, as well as our desire to motivate and promote young staff through their active participation in the work of the gathering. We want young engineers and students to present at the gathering their ideas about innovations in production, new technical solutions, proposals for improving the production process or work organization, and that the best among them be adequately rewarded.

Therefore, if you also want to support the work of the XXV CPA&G Symposium, be our partner, actively participate in the meeting program, inspire the participants with your works and topics, achieved results, plans..

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