INGEDE Symposium 2024

INGEDE Symposium 2024

All Day
March 13, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

What will we make paper from in the future? Paper for recycling is in short supply. More and more people read less and less newspapers, many believe that information from the internet is sustainable – despite the massive consumption of electricity, which is harmful to the climate. Paper is sustainable, paper protects the climate, and yet it is scarce. Even for toilet paper we need alternative raw material as the supply of paper for recycling has become short. And ho can still insist on quality? At the INGEDE Symposium on 13 March 2024, everything will be about fibre supply of the future: Are there suitable alternative fibre materials? How do we deal with new fibre-based packaging? Which barriers are recycling-friendly? How is the recovered paper market developing regionally and globally?

These topics are also the focus of the presentation by Arne Kant, Senior Principal at AFRY Management Consulting GmbH in Munich. The changing conditions in fibre supply and quality directly influence operations in the paper mill – this is why the coping with stickies, barriers, and soluble inks will be the subject of a block of topics at the symposium.

The world of paper recycling meets in Munich every year: The INGEDE Symposium is the only event worldwide that covers all aspects of paper recycling, from recyclability to the collection of recovered paper and the deinking process. With increasing volumes of white packaging, the question for deinkers – not only at the symposium – continues to be: how can the paper industry cope with the change in the material from the household collection? Ulrich Leberle of CEPI in Brussels will look at the consequences of the new packaging directive (PWWR) for the deinkers.

The INGEDE Symposium is planned as a hybrid event, where participation in Munich will again be possible on site, but at the same time also online.

Further details, also on the program, can be found on the INGEDE website: INGEDE Symposium 2024.

Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft
Max-Joseph-Straße 5

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